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Why Do You Need YouTube Watch Times?

Monetize your channel: If you are looking to monetize your videos, you should meet some criteria to do it. If you are thinking about monetizing your account, you must have the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) available in your country. 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers are not quite easy as it seems. That is why we are offering YouTube watch hours for your videos. Buy YouTube watch hours to quicken your process.

Start your YouTube career faster: Starting a YouTube channel from scratch can be really hard. So having 4000 YouTube watch hours on your videos will be a great start for your career.

Can I Buy YouTube Watch Times?

Of course. You can buy YouTube watch time to facilitate your monetizing process. When it comes to buying the time you need, buzzoid offers the perfect service for you. As we have stated before, if you don't want to waste time getting your watch hours, you can buy them. Also, it is very easy.

YouTube is the perfect platform for earning money. So, the best way to monetize your account as quickly as possible is by buying your way to it. Thankfully, buzzoid is offering you the perfect service, which is secure and cheap./p>

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How to Buy YouTube Watch Hours?

Buying YouTube watch hours has never been so easy. As buzzoid, we offer you the best combination, secure and cheap. All you need to do is follow a few steps to buy your YouTube watch time, and of course, your account should be active and running. Here are the steps to buy YouTube watch time:

As you can see, buying YouTube watch time is pretty straightforward. After you make the purchase, we will deliver your watch time immediately. Thank you for choosing buzzoid. If you are satisfied with our service, you can also try our YouTube views or Youtube shorts views service as well.

YouTube Watch TImes Gains You More Money

Everyone, from little kids to older adults, wants to make money with YouTube. It looks simple to make money out of phones, but it is not easy at all. Don't dream of making money by recording only one video. While it was possible before, the new YouTube algorithm and AdSense have some regulations. You have to have 1000 subscribers and also have a decent watch time in the last months. This way, YouTube controls your activity, and only if you are active can you turn on monetization.

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Buy Youtube watch times Easily With buzzoid

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Is it safe to buy YouTube watch hours from this website?

Of course; our website is secured. So you can make purchases safely.

Is Youtube Watch Time Service Real?

Youtube watch time service on buzzoid consists of real people. In this way, you can make your channel grow faster without damaging it.

Why Should I Buy Youtube Watch Time?

In order to earn money from your YouTube account, you need to gain 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers in the last 12 months. Therefore, it is important to buy watch time to quickly reach 4000 watch hours and earn income from YouTube.

How Many Watch Hours Can I Buy?

The highest package on our site is 4000 hours of viewing time. But you can benefit from the same service again after placing your order.

Is Youtube Watch Time Service Permanent?

Youtube watch time service on buzzoid is a service made up of real users. For this reason, our service is permanent. There is a refill guarantee for drops above 20% for 30 days.

How many hours of watch time you need on YouTube?

To monetize your videos, you need 4.000 hours of watch time.

When Will My Youtube Watch Time Order Be Completed

Youtube watch hours orders are completed within 7 days on average. This time may vary depending on the quantity you will purchase.

How are YouTube watch hours calculated?

YouTube calculates the last 365 days of watch time. During that time, you should have got 4000 watch hours.

Does YouTube count your own views?

Yes. You can watch your videos over and over and it will be counted as a view.

Does replaying a video count as a view?

Yes, if you replay and watch the video for at least 30 seconds, it will be counted as a view.